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When it comes to the quality and value that a law firm provides, the experience of the attorneys and other professionals makes all of the difference. We have more than sixteen years of hands-on and practical experience with the exclusive practice of immigration law. We have helped thousands of people and we can help with your immigration matter too.

“I felt like somebody really took care of me, this guys is really organized and knowledgeable, they know what to do every step, all what you need to do is just to follow the updates! Love this guys they are amazing people!! He did an amazing job, and I was treated with a lot of respect. I made my best decision to hire this attorney.”

Alex G.

“Myron Morales has been my immigration attorney since 2005, when I applied for my first job visa. He was instrumental in my immigration process through getting my Green Card. My husband and I are very pleased with the services provided by Myron Morales.”

Nayeli G.

“If you know nothing about immigration and require legal services, they will hold your hand every step of the way. The attorney has been helpful along every step of the immigration process. Every question asked received a quick and relevant answer.”

Gabriel P.

“Since the very beginning and along the whole process of my different immigration status everything has been very professional and pleasant. I’d say safe, I know I’m well represented, oriented and informed.”

Hugo W.

“I am super satisfied with the level of results, respect, and professionalism. I accomplished all my immigration needs. I will definitely recommend using Morales & Associates and specially Myron Morales. Professional, smart, and outstanding service.”

Luis A.

“I contacted with Mr. Morales to guide me and my family through the process of naturalization. The process was lengthy and a little arcane in spots but Mr. Morales and his staff were excellent quarterbacks for our journey. I would definitely recommend Morales & Associates for any immigration legal services.”

Brad M.

“I highly recommend the attorney Mr. Myron Morales to anyone who is seeking the immigration help. He made the whole immigration process easy and comfortable with his experience, proficiency and talent to solve the problems. Mr. Morales and Mr. Kyriakides were very helpful and compassionate to clear all the doubts. I am extremely grateful for all the help and support from their side to make my petition successful. I strongly recommend Morales & Associates Immigration law firm. I already recommended to my friends and relatives and i am very happy to refer Mr. Morales to more people.”

Padmasree P.

“I’ve always been treated well feel they are knowledgeable with difficult cases.”

Mohammad A.

“I am grateful that we went with Mr. Morales. He helped my family in so many ways and still is. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with their immigration problems.”

Tina S.


Gisela M.

“Law firm Morales & Associates is very responsible, they make me sure about my case, anyway I trust in them. Thank you. I would like to recommend them if necessary, because they obtain very good results.”

Silvia C.

“Mr. Morales make my case a priority. He’s very knowledgeable and professional. He kept my family and I informed and up to date on every step. He always made himself available when we needed him. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Outstanding, professional and accurate.”

Yanetzi R.

“I would highly recommend Morales & Associates, PLLC. immigration law firm to anyone who are looking for experienced immigration attorney. My wife was not certain whether she qualifies for employment based self-petition for permanent residency in United States. Mr. Myron Morales and Mr. Kyriakides are not only wonderful people but are well versed with immigration laws, and always treat their client with due respect. While working on our case they always use to update us and guided us if any changes need to me made or if additional documents required from our end. We believe we made good decision to hire this attorney for employment based petition and to get positive outcome on the case. Based on my experience with Morales & Associates Immigration Law Firm, I would recommend to any family or friend who are looking for immigration solution.”

Deep B.


Fabiola D.

“They are very kind and professional. They keep me constantly informed of my case progress. My experience has been good. I would highly recommend Myron and his Team.”

Armando T.

“Myron is an awesome attorney. Have already used him on several immigration matters. Very respectful, very approachable, very professional. I’ll use Myron again in future when needed and highly recommend him for any immigration related services. Wonderful.”

Daunish U.

“Excellently, did a great job. Yes I made the right decision! Very positively.”

Olivier C.

“I was treated with respect and the lawyer was knowledgeable about our situation. We made a good decision going with Morales & Associates. For us, implementing the immigration process for our adult daughter was highly emotional. Myron Morales took the time to explain us the overall process, and went over the required timing. We are very comfortable with Morales & Associates, and look forward to complete the process to bring our daughter to the States soon.”

Enrique O.

“Best treatment ever with Mr. Morales and Mr. Kyriakides. Always VERY prompt answers when I had a question. Very professional, fast responding, very kind, efficient, transparent.”

Agnes S.

“Treatment with the highest respect and professionalism. I trust him 100%. Best decision of my life. Will recommend him without hesitation. He knows what he is doing, experienced, dedicated, and honest and works in your best interest.”

Rodolfo G.

“I received the best service, I recommend him. I received excellent attention and good service.”

Mercedes R.

“Myron is excellent, I have used him on more than one occasion and he always delivers. Excellent.”

Kahlil B.

“Excellent service! I’m so glad we got in contacted with Mr. Morales, I really appreciate the professionalism and efficiency as well as the high level of respect with which they treated us, I have recommended Mr. Morales office to friends and family. After a bad experience with previous attorneys, Mr. Morales office has been by far the best experience, I’m so thankful to the staff and Attorney for the way they have handle my case, I highly recommend Mr. Morales, I can say he is the best immigration lawyer in Austin.”

Jesus M.

“Mr. Morales as well as the other staff always kept me up to day about my husband’s case! Great experience I would recommend them, and would use them again if I ever needed to.”

Patsy V.

“I would highly recommend Mr. Morales.”

Carolina M.

“Myron was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Myron. He was very professional and knowledgeable throughout the process which was completed successfully.”

Ana R.

“Myron and I we became friends. It was a successful long journey.”

Haider A.

“Jason is amazing. Extraordinarily courteous, very attentive, always returns calls and emails promptly. A+. 100% would recommend. Amazing firm, very friendly staff. It could not be a better experience.”

John N.

“Excellent. You are the only person I would go for my legal needs. Excellent. The best.”

Yuliya B.

“I married a US citizen in June 2014 (I’m British), Myron and his team (Paula especially is amazing) sorted me out in 3 months. As well as being amazingly well priced, they go above and beyond with their services. I am using Myron to petition for my sister also. Go see him, you won’t regret it!”


“First, I’d like to commend Myron Morales’ staff for always being helpful and prompt. His firm recently helped my family with Naturalization, B2 visa for my sister and her family, additionally, my brother just consulted with him regarding a special Immigrant visa for diplomatic, we trust them which is very important especially when it is dealing with immigration status.

Secondly, to the person who is upset because of the $60 consultation fee, it’s only fair, and it’s inexpensive, when you compare it to other immigration attorneys who charge more. If you choose to move forward they even deduct the fee from your bill. Seems like customer service wasn’t the issue, the issue appears to be that you want free advice.

There are programs available for people in need of financial assistance. I assure you, there is always an option for low income individuals/families.”


“I have always had the idea of lawyers saying the right things to get your money, then afterwards they no longer care. You have to go looking for them, they are either to busy with a new client to attend any concerns you may have, and in the end, they keep your money, and then say your best outcome is to plead guilty because they don’t care to pursue your case even if you are innocent, because like I said, they’ve already got their payments.

Mr. Myron on the other hand is the complete reverse of all I have just described of a lawyer. I was placed in a position where I was given 3 days or less to find an immigration attorney. I didn’t know where to begin, and in legal matters I am completely naive. Needless to say in a moment of despair, my wife ccalled a lawyer whom we almost hired, and seconds away from hiring him, I decided to check his ratings! That was the smartest idea I could’ve made! This man was a scammer. So I seeked further and God placed Mr. Myron Russell Morales on my screen. The second he spoke to me, I felt a sense of relief. I hired him and he has walked with me every step of the way!! You don’t have to try tracking him down like other attorney’s because he is the one pushing for your success!!! Any little doubt, he takes the time to explain to your understanding, no matter how naive to legal matters one is. He is not the attorney that takes pride in the amount of money he gets from client’s, he takes pride in the amount of success he hands his client’s! He is passionate in what he does, and gives his client’s, not what he takes!! What I felt so impossible to reach, he has made it possibly and I am moments away from receiving my work permit! BEST attorney you can find, and worth his price for my freedom!!! THANK YOU MR. MYRON RUSSELL MORALES AND GOD BLESS YOU AND JUAN BOTH!!!!!”

MJuan A.V.

“Myron was more than a legal counsel to us, he really became our friend. Just an unbelievably nice guy who cares about each and every case that he is working, who is remarkably skilled and knowledgeable in his field.”

Matthew P.

“Working with Myron was easy and with great results. Myron was able to find best solution for us, both in terms of speed and costs. Also, where others lawyers just guessed a strategy, Myron new right away what will work and what not. Thank you!”

Vicent P.

“My husband and I can gladly say that Jason was very helpful through out the whole immigration process. From day one he expressed his care for our family. He always made sure that we understood completely what was to be done. When it came time for our appointment in Cuidad Juarez, Jason explained every step in detail and eased our discomforts about the trip. We wish that everyone’s experience with Jason is a great as ours.”


“He is very friendly and helpful. If there anything he wasn’t sure, he would check with other more experienced lawyers and provided me valuable information. I felt he wasn’t a lawyer but a friend. Not only he answered all the questions that I had even when he wasn’t my lawyer anymore. He responses really fast.

He checked on me when I had a car accident, he congratulated me when I got married. He also speaks Chinese if that’s a plus for you.

All in all, he is a caring person and I wish him the best.”

A Satisfied Client

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